Your funds always stay with you, on your account. You will never need to transfer your funds to us. You always have full control of your funds and can access and withdraw them at any time.

Is crypto too volatile for your taste? Not a problem, you can keep your whole account in USD, or any combination of USD and crypto, and change it at any time.

All trading activities are fully transparent to you. You can consult your balance, current and past trades in real time. You will receive a mobile notification every time Haiku makes a trade for you.

Prices are going down? Great, let's make profit on that drop. We built Haiku to use margin trading and make profit regardless of if market goes up or down.

No management fee bullshit. You will pay performance bonus only for the new profit that Haiku makes for you. If there are any losing trades, you don't pay anything until those loses are fully recovered. There are no fixed or hidden costs.